News & Upcoming Confirmed Talks for 2024

Larissa Buchholz. 2024. “Four Questions with Larissa Buchholz,” interview by Manning Zhang. American Sociological Association Culture Section Newsletter. 40(1): 3-7.

Larissa Buchholz. 2024. “What can global field theory offer global and transnational sociology?” interview by Andreas Wimmer. Global and Transnational Sociology Newsletter of the American Sociological Association, Winter/Spring Issue: 10-15.

Larissa Buchholz. 2023. “Bookshelf: An Interview with Larissa Buchholz on The Global Rules of Art. The Emergence and Divisions of a Cultural World Economy.” interview by Gökhan Mülayim. Accounts: Newsletter of the ASA Economic Sociology Section. Spring Issue: 20-24

January 31, book talk, MTS distinguished speaker series, Northwestern University

February 20, invited book talk & book panel, British Sociology of the Arts Section

March 18, invited book talk & book panel, International Art Market Studies Association

May 2, 2024 –  book talk & book panel, Seminary Co-op at the University of Chicago with Christine Mehring, University of Chicago and Harmon Siegel, Society of Fellows, Harvard University

April 27, 2024 – invited talk for “Thinking with Bourdieu Today: Interdisciplinary and Transnational Approaches,” an interdisciplinary and international conference hosted by Columbia University and New York University, New York

June 19, 2024 –  invited keynote speaker for “Visual Contagions,” Interdisciplinary and International Conference on Globalizing Visual Studies at the University of Geneva, Geneva

June 26, 2024 – invited book talk in the Series “Social Theory, Theory of Society and Relational Theory” at the Department of Sociology, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

May 2017 – Junior Theorist Award, American Sociological Association

June, 2016 –  Junior Theorist Prize, International Sociological Association

May, 2016 –  Outstanding Recent Alumni Award, Columbia University